Author Services

Benjamin Ross & Lane provides a full range of services to its authors. Some of those services are available on an a-la-carte basis to those writers who wish to self-publish. Contact us to learn more.

Manuscript Content Editing

$1,500 for the first 50,000 words; after that it’s $30 per 1,000 words

This service entails looking at your book with the eyes of an editor and giving you suggestions which you can accept or reject. We scrutinize your fiction manuscript looking for inconsistencies in story, characters, and internal logic. If it’s a non-fiction manuscript we check for flow of ideas, clarity, repetition, unnecessary content, and missing information. On all types of manuscripts we correct sentence structure, syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Manuscript Proofreading

$1,250 for the first 50,000 words; after that it’s $25 per 1,000 words

With Proofreading we check your fiction or non-fiction manuscript for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and proper formatting of quotes (in-line and block quotes). If we haven’t edited your manuscript, we might also inform you of errors in sentence structure and word choice. If you have them completed at this stage, we can also check your Table of Contents and Index for any errors.

Book Cover Design

$250 for paperback (includes e-book version); $150 for e-book only

Custom photography or stock images we provide may cost more.

A book cover design will typically include a few drafts to be sure you are happy with the layout, images, and fonts chosen.

Book Interior Design and Layout for Print or Print-on-Demand

$250 for text-heavy novels and non-fiction books; $35 per page for image-heavy cookbooks and children’s books

We take your text and turn it into a PDF suitable for uploading to Amazon or IngramSpark, or sending to your own printer. Novels and non-fiction books will have proper chapter formatting, drop-caps, page numbers and headings on each page. Image-heavy books such as cookbooks and children’s books must include your own images. We will provide layout options with colors and fonts that you approve of before we begin. PDFs for print can also be used to create Kindle and other e-books.

Conversion of Manuscript to e-book or Kindle format


We convert your Word document into a .kpf file for uploading to Amazon. Alternately we can format your Word document to be uploaded to Kobo for conversion, or we can create an ePUB file which can be uploaded anywhere but Amazon. We offer free advice on what you need. In many cases, you won’t need our services for this at all, just guidelines on how to format the Word document yourself.  

Video Book Trailers

$250 and up depending upon whether we use still images or video clips, original footage or stock photography, actor voice-over or simply text supers.

We can create engaging videos for uploading to Amazon or your own website that will help you sell your books. These can be elaborate 15- or 30-second spots with hired actors shot in a studio, or simple videos using still photos and onscreen text. There are many variations somewhere in between these two extremes. Contact us and we will discuss your needs and what your desired version might cost.