Ptera Hunter

Self-portrait by Ptera Hunter

Ptera Hunter is a professor of Biology. She received a Doctorate in Zoology from The University of Toronto. For many years, she has taught classes on environmental biology and animal behavior. She has previously published a book on insects, The Unabashedly Totally Incomplete Book about Bugs, several books of short stories, poetry, and journal articles. She has also spoken at international conferences on the biological roots of cruelty, discrimination, and greed.  In the spirit of the book and with the inspiration of Loki, she has chosen to use a pseudonym, Ptera Hunter, to distinguish her nonfiction works from her creative writings. Author’s comment: “Hey, if it’s good enough for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Mary Ann Evans, and Samuel Clements, then it’s good enough for me.”


The Wisdom of Loki: The Art of Lying in the Natural World